Episode 7 – JuJu Jay – Athlete/Personal Trainer

JuJu Jay created a running group called Mud Sweat and Runners after coming back to Ireland and having discovered his love for Trail Running.

He settled in Glendalough, Co. Wicklow and has been there ever since.

What started off as bit of fun to share his passion with others has now turned into a job. Although JuJu does not charge for his services – all his activities are donation basis only – he now offers guided adventure tours, trail running with various grade of difficulties from novice to expert, one-on-one training, kids parties and much more.

His journey to where he is today is a mosaic of touching and inspiring stories.

You can find out more and join him for a run by connecting on:





Tunes selected by JuJu

(clik on each title to play on Spotify)

Warsaw Village Band – Cranes

Eddie Vedder – Society

Cranberries – Salvation

Eddie Vedder – Long Nights

Warsaw Village Band – What Have you been doing

Cranberries – Free to Decide

Eddie Vedder – Guaranteed


JuJu Jay – @mudsweatandrunners


JuJu in his natural environment


Juju, Trail running extreme


JuJu and Patch


Dancing JuJu




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