Episode 20 – Raj(deep) Singh -Life Enthusiast

Raj Singh grew up in Chandigarh (Punjab) India.

At 17 he and the family moved to Ireland where he finished school and had to start to make a life for himself and how his father has been influential in his upbringing and still is to this day.

He talks about his relationship with college, social media and his family, how he integrated himself in the Irish landscape and how his life is changing now that has become a father.

Raj is on Instagram at @raj_bruv

Photos by Hugo Gallagher @hugogallagher1


Raj’s music choice 

Thinking out loud -Ed Sheeran
Loose yourself – Eminem
Thinking about you – Calvin Harris
Circle -be svenden
Change – j. Cole
4 your eyes only – j. Cole
Star boy – the weeknd

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