Episode 5 – Renato Pilu – On the Virus in the worst affected area in Italy to his love for Ireland and Rugby

I bumped into Renato in Ernesto’s, Rathmines, during a Mark Geary’s concert.We kept in touch and I caught up with him last week to see what it was like in Italy at the moment. Renato lives on a few short kilometers from the epicentre of the Virus in Italy, close to Bergamo.He spoke to me about it and also about his love for Ireland, having created and run and when he played on stage with Glen Hansard.The conversation is in Italian (my first one!!)At the end of the podcast the song I play is performed by Renato and is a beautiful rendition of Simon & Garfunkel’s tune..Enjoy.
Theme Tune – Paralyzed by Nvada


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