As children we are given crayons, pencils, markers. We are told to express ourselves. Most of us have a framed picture of some blob/splash that we produced in primary school or that our children/grandchildren have proudly given us.

Then as we go through the school system, we have to choose to do art as a subject.  We are no longer “allowed” to express ourselves through some bright splash of colour on the paper.

Doodling is seeing a time-wasting exercise.

And so we become detached from Art.  And most of us feel that we cannot draw, sketch or paint. And we give it up all together.

Amateur. (origin Latin) late 18th century: from French, from Italian amatore, from Latin amator ‘lover’, from amare ‘to love

Too often amateur is used as a negative, the opposite of professional

But to us, art for the pure sense of to love and enjoy it, it’s open to all of us.

For this we want to create, encourage, guide and help anyone that is interested in learning to draw, sketch, illustrate and paint.

The project aims to organise art workshops in the community near you soon.

we are all in this together.



Pier Paolo Pasolini – Italian movie director. Poster on a Roman wall, covered in Graffiti.
A drawing. Just two faces looking at one another. Pen and paper.
Skyscrapers, New Yok City.


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